Basilica Crests


 CREST:  When a church is named a basilica, it is given the privilege of having a crest which is a symbolic summary of the important events in the basilica's history.  Ours was designed  by Deacon Michael Balfour of Atlanta Georgia.  The Umbrella recognizes the relationship between the pope and the basilica.  The crossed keys on the top of the crest is the insignia of the pope.  The general design of the crest is that of the chasuble.  The lift side has the Eagle of Poland. The seashell is from the crest of Pope Benedict XVI. The right side is the central symbol from the crest of the Diocese of Winona.  The red cross in the middle is from the crest of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.  and the blue strip across the lower portion symbolizes the Mississippi River.  The crest proudly represents the basilicas's Polish heritage, its location in Winona and its relationship to the Diocese of Winona and to the pope.  The next picture is that of the Papal insignia which is hung outside above the main entrance to the church.