St. Stan's Parish Council Minutes 11/11/14



Tuesday, November 11, 2014


  1. The meeting began in the Parish Center at 6 pm with a prayer led by Deacon Green.

Present:  Bob Allred, Dean Beckman, Jean Galewski, Janann Gilbertson, Al Greenwood, Keith Jereczek, Luke Merchlewitz, Paul Wisniewski, Monsignor Tom Hargesheimer, Deacon Justin Green, Vicki Lopez-Kaley

  1. Minutes of Oct 7, 2014 were reviewed.  Luke Merchlewitz moved to approve the minutes.  Seconded by Keith Jereczek.


  1. Old Business  The following dates for future Tuesday meetings were agreed upon:  

       Dec 9, Jan 13, Feb 10, March 10, April 14, May 12.

  1. New Business

A. Council Goals for 2014-2015

Several goals submitted to the chair by members since the last meeting were discussed.  It was decided that in order to address them, the council will ask Betty Mullen, parish secretary for some descriptive demographic information about the make-up of the parish.  For example:  Numbers of parishioners ages 16 – 18, young adults, young families, elders, homebound, and so on.  


The following goals were outlined:

*Increase membership in all liturgical ministries and strengthen collaboration with schools and families to incorporate additional opportunities at Mass and in other parish activities. 


*Enhance outreach efforts to assist in welcoming new members and to perform other parish and community activities.


*Identify and assist in implementing faith-sharing programs that deepen our understanding of the Lord and our Catholic beliefs.


B. Council Committees for 2014-15

In line with discussion of the above goals, several committees were proposed.  Council members named which committee drew their interest at this time.   These will be further discussed and refined at the Dec and Jan meeting in hopes that the first committees could meet on Feb 10, 2015.

Liturgical Ministries and Worship (Jean, Bob, Al)

Outreach and Communication (Dean/Paul/Luke)

Faith Formation (including Adult Education and Family involvement) (Jan/Keith)

C.  Summary of meeting:  Since our last meeting, the present council members addressed several potential goals for our parish community.  In discussing them, the group realized that knowing more about the make-up of the parish is important as they move forward toward addressing them.   Three goals and three committees arose from the discussion as practical ways to draw parishioners into the work of the council.  At the December meeting, the Council will discuss the demographic data and continue its work on committees.   Members agreed to write a concise “charge” for each committee and email their thoughts to Dean before the December meeting.   Twenty words or less was suggested!  At the December meeting, the charges will be drafted as will a plan for recruiting members of the parish to serve on the committees. 

  1. Concluding Prayer:   Led by Monsignor Tom 

Adjournment at approximately 7:50.